About The Social Media Hats: Create

Creativity is intelligence having fun.


-Albert Einstein

So let’s have some fun, shall we?

Take a big breath in, then out and get some space in your head, on your desk, and most important, in your agenda.  Set time aside – lots of – for a mindful session of content creation.

Do you enjoy listening to music in the background of your daily activities? Then get your favorite playlist rolling and pump up that volume to share an amazing inspiring moment with the songs that you like the most. Connect yourself to your mind, your surroundings and your ideas.

Now you’re ready to create, develop and schedule.

Which are your favorite days of the week? This is important because your routines usually determine your mindset, your willingness, your peak performance moments.  What time of the day do you feel more attuned to your mind, body, and energy? Do you have a training routine, be it taking time off for exercising, reading, brain games, meditation, yoga, relaxation, etc.  It is important to recognize all this to plan your content creation session in a way where you can get the most out of it and use all your potential to get it all done on schedule. And then just let it go.

A skillfully planned session will allow you to take care of other tasks, or clients, along your week, and always come back to check with a clear mind in case some changes, or new perspectives, are needed.

Do you have a favorite source of inspiration? For example blogs, books, competitors content, related companies content, videos, tutorials, etc. Get your eyes on those too and doodle some ideas. This will make things much more clear when organizing a series of posts which can be related, or not, or follow a sequence.  Sequence planning is always a good idea, it will allow for a more organized path and it’s easier for content generation as you already know “where to look” for what you need.

And last, but not least, the task that will allow some extra space, and free time, for the rest of the upcoming days: scheduling. Which tool do you use? Apart from the ones already available on Facebook, Twitter, to name a few, you can always choose between a large selection of good options out there. My favorite tools of the moment are Social Pilot and Later.

If you need more ideas for finding inspiration in your week-in week-out content creation and planning, I’ll be sharing a few more ideas to give you a headstart in my next tip: Curate.


Credits: Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash




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