The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Proust


Conserve. Manage. Guard. Curate.

Let’s stick with the last one.

Finding interesting stuff to share has become a must-have skill.  Curation is one of the most used content strategies on Social Media, both at personal and professional levels.  Taking into consideration the amount of information that is being consumed by millions of social media users per day, we have found ourselves with a limitation beyond time, matter, resources, and creativity.

Topics are found, gathered, used, shared, stretched, read, repurposed, reshared, reviewed. So many consuming processes pass second after second around every piece of content that it’s being shared in any context and format that focus is easily lost.  When we reach that point, a strategy is indispensable.

Social media is all about communicating, consuming, sharing and engaging, so how do we work around the pressure of creating relevant, eye-catchy content every single day? Better yet, how does companies award time, staff and resources to this incessant task without getting out of hand?

Curate, that’s the word. And the must-do.

So the thing now is how to decide what and how should external sources’ information be shared. Which ones are relevant and encompassing the brand, or personal brand.

Decisions. Decisions.

There are many ways to turn the process into an enriching experience, but this too takes time. Discovering and learning takes time, selecting, creating and crediting, some more.

Whether you decide to keep it relevant with branded posts or adding other contributions to the mixture, it is important to consider that even sharing requires a strategy because things need to make sense to your audience, connections, and readers. Always pointing back at you. Remembering you.

As far as making a difference or lighting up someone’s day goes, I believe that sharing is one of the most rewarding, connective, essential experiences within social media. It’s basically the core. It’s what adds value to your online branding plans.

Next up, and closing time for these series, Wrap up!


Credits: Photo by Jaz King on Unsplash

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