Creating a Path to Master the Art of Selling Yourself

“Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself”. – Maxwell Maltz

Striving for UNIQUENESS.
It’s a great start.
It’s a “must”.
Here’s why…

“Selling yourself”, is no different from selling a product or a service nowadays. Each one of us carries a series of characteristics and skills, in constant development, which constitutes our very own personal brand.

Promoting ourselves on & offline either by storytelling, highlighting our skills, showcasing our achievements, is crucial for the relationships and connections that we construct throughout our entire lives. Both at professional and personal levels. And for the sake of “upgrading”, being “online” also opens an array of doors for learning, improving, and evolving.

Where to start?
Easy peasy.

LinkedIn is the most obvious route to take when striving to build an awareness for yourself, personally & professionally. Connections, interactions, around all kinds of expertise available on the planet are here. So the first obvious step is to create a relevant, reliable background for yourself.

Next up? Engagement, sharing, interacting. But be mindful with keeping the content relevant to your profile, matching your personal or your professional values.  Or a mix of both.

As with any commercial brand, topic vs. timing vs. network vs. constancy are all important factors to consider and implement if you are seriously thinking about taking your personal brand to an upper level. But what will make the difference or what will be the standout point? After all, we’re only 500 million users solely on this platform!

Great salespeople know best how to sell a specific product or service, mastering themselves up to the point of creating a difference against those who are much better skilled at, for instance, Marketing.

And Marketing, just like Sales, has its limitations. You can use every trick under your sleeve and still you will be missing one of the most important factors for obtaining your desired results.

Can’t have one without the other.

So how do you SELL?
And how do you MARKET yourself?

Though nowadays reaching broader audiences, be it for brand awareness or for product selling is easier online, the essence of traditional strategies will prevail. Those that we know now as “offline”:  face-to-face networking, social gatherings, meetings, parties. The “old stuff” is now regaining control and becoming a trend for those who are trying to detox from the unstoppable online progression.

But then again, can’t have one without the other.

We schedule, find people, make plans online, and then we get together offline. We create our image online, share our stories and expertise online, but then continue building our social connections offline, whenever we get the chance.

[Photo credits: Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash]

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