In the world of products and services of the industrial sector, social media is the magic ingredient that can spell marketing success.


The benefits of social media for brand awareness within the industrial sector is often underestimated. Social media branding was meant for consumer products. Now it’s just for everyone who feels ready to change the conventional scenery.

Acknowledging the challenges around the specific content and know-how of an engineering firm, for example, might result in lower engagement within online communities because the general thought is that participation requires certain knowledge on the topic. However, in the past few years, this idea has clearly changed. Industrial B2B companies can be interesting, educational and fun for general audiences as well, no expertise required.

Yes, Seasons change.

Engineering is the science behind everyday objects, buildings, and high-technology projects. It’s all around us, making industrial engineering brands amazing sources of information for general audiences to learn how things work, what they are made of, what they are needed for.

The focus is on differentiation, and the uniqueness of these profiles is what makes industrial branding so successful on social media networks, contrary to the former beliefs.

Communities on social media are about keeping audiences on top of innovations, latest developments, technological advances, and everything that surrounds us, creating an amazing opportunity for B2B brands to showcase commitment, mission, and values. When brand positioning soars, it becomes a reference in any sector worldwide.

Companies that consistently work towards maintaining their character and sense of worth, showcasing quality and values in the long term, developing brand commitment and excellent reputation, evoke those unique values in a consumer’s mind. Reaching that good old “top of mind”.

The industrial sector is facing a unique opportunity to re-define themselves and change the rules of the game in the traditional marketing scope in which they have developed their brand image during the last years. The consumer experience online is a powerful tool as a result of the market evolution brought by technology and the consumer’s demands.

Every brand designs its personal voice on social media. How well a company positions itself as a world-class, leading organization is what will make a big difference.


[Credits: Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash]

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