Another Step in the Evolution of our Communication Style

You have probably heard about the concepts of evolution and innovation in the context of technology. Everyday life is nowadays related to the language learning of computers where communication is the main goal and the profit of the media serves the purpose of establishing a connection between the giver and the receiver of such message.

With those words to categorize the meaning that lies behind the new, it is possible to understand what campaigns for change are striving for: movement. The same movement is necessary to evolve and to re-think a concept, in this case, one of Social Media.

As human beings we have been told that we are by nature social beings, but what does the word social really mean? In terms of a concept and as a reference to try and define it, social is the capacity to relate to each other; such relation gives rise to the possibility of forming a group, connected by certain characteristics where the undeniable common ground is that of being human.

But where does Social Media start to be part of the interactions between us? When we understand the generalized use of the compound of those words social media in such instances is one of the “forms of media that allow people to communicate and share information using the internet”.

In addition to the characteristics of this communication strategy, the sharing of information allows us to become a team when it comes to the social distancing periods necessary in this world we know.

The respect of space shapes those interactions and lets us realize that it is now possible to be miles apart and still make our message heard. That opportunity to reach those who are far is a wonderful tool that we could profit as far as possible to give service by making use of the platforms currently available such as what we call Social Networks.

The challenge is that of being able to wait for being picked in a line of unlimited content and make our product stand out, this is when choosing the right communication tools comes in handy.

To name some examples we have Spotify for music artists, YouTube for video editors, WordPress for content creation, LinkedIn to connect professionals, Facebook for sharing thoughts, Twitter to give rise to debate, Instagram as a portfolio, Google to search and Email to communicate, eBay for exchange of goods, and Amazon for online shopping and streaming services, among many others.

We can of course make use of several tools to reach a wider audience but it is in the understanding of our niche public that we can come up with the perfect mix of options to reach out to them in a more impactful way.

This constant practice of “knowing how to” allows for the unconfined exercise of certain methods such as digital marketing and advertising because, as Margaret Molloy, well said, “Social media is a contact sport” and when it comes to sports practice makes perfect.

Our Moment of Bliss

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Communicating Authenticity For Healthy Engagements

Stay true to your values. That’s why you were a success in the first place, and that’s how you make incredible things happen.

Rafe Offer

“I recently heard some colleagues of mine discussing a brand they both liked, and when I enquired as to why this seemingly normal brand was held in such high regard by both of them, their answer was simply because they felt the company was authentic and transparent with their customers”.

In a digital world where every move a brand makes can be scrutinized, saved, and shared in record time. It makes sense then that building a relationship with your customers based on trust, transparency, and authenticity will create a sense of sincerity around how you do business.

Why is that important? Isn’t the purpose of marketing to outshine the competition by being more persuasive, flashier, and stealing the limelight where ever possible?

A few years ago some would have argued yes, the biggest marketing budget always wins, but not anymore. Audiences have wised up and are watching brand interactions and communications closer than ever.

So why then does authenticity matter so much and what should brands focus on to become more authentic?

Brand Values

Most customers today would agree that price alone is not enough to keep them coming back. Who they do business with and which brands they support, in turn, say a lot about how they see themselves. Finding brands that share common values is becoming increasingly important.  

Getting feedback about what your customers want is worth its weight in gold. It allows you to understand the values and beliefs your customers hold and align yourself more closely with them. But knowing what your customers want alone is not enough, you need to show them through your voice and actions in order to build real connections.


A customer relationship built on trust provides important advantages for brands. It makes it harder for competitors to get their attention. Customers feel more confident in recommending your brand to others. And inevitably when things go wrong (and in business, they might) having customers that trust and support you will accept your apologies more readily and help you bounce back quicker.


Building trust and an authentic brand like all good things take time and a consistent effort. You can’t pick and choose where you show your support or communicate certain messages. Being consistent is about making sure that your brand voice, images, actions, and values are the same across all channels. Aligning yourself with a certain political stance or message on one platform and then saying something different on another will lead to customer confusion and a loss of trust.


Having great brand values, building trust, and delivering a consistent message is nothing if you aren’t being honest. Customers that feel respected are more likely to stick with you. Usually, becoming an army of brand ambassadors (the best kind of marketing). But it all stems from being honest with them even when things don’t go to plan.

Your target audience’s perception of your brand will ultimately decide its success. To appear transparent, authentic, and trustworthy you actually have to be transparent, authentic, and trustworthy. Those brands that stick to their values and show real authenticity even in trying times are the ones that set themselves up for long term success. 

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Authenticity transcends beyond mountains, or ‘mountains beyond mountains’, as Arcade Fire artfully sings in Sprawl II, already bookmarked on our Spotify playlist.