The Story

Of Us.

Meet Virginia


I have a professional background of over 28 years. A lifetime of dynamic careers experiences.

10 years ago I explored a more focused path according to my skills, which led me back to the origins of my professional studies: Marketing and Advertising.

The opportunity to launch a Social Media project for an industrial engineering firm proved to be the definite career switch that I was so keenly looking for. It opened new doors and revealed new highways for me. All this to get to the place where I am now.

Meet Lamiae

Consultant | Strategic Marketing

I am a Marketing Consultant with a strong background in digital and strategic marketing, branding, and social media management.

I am very passionate about strategizing ways to make any process more agile, streamlined, and efficient. I am also a strong leader, an effective communicator, and a detail-oriented crafter.

Being a polyglot who masters five languages, I love working with different companies worldwide, collaborating with international teams and clients to guide and establish projects and client success.

When I am not working, you’ll probably find me planning my next trip, climbing some mountain or jumping from a plane. Most days, I just love to read, watch my favourite series and spend time with my loved ones.

Meet Tairin

Consultant | Digital Marketing

I have an entrepreneurial background with over 15 years experience helping companies setup and streamline their businesses.

Today, I run a digital marketing and business support agency with my partner. Bringing together all our experience in digital marketing, content creation and communication to help businesses thrive.

Seeing new ideas and projects come to life motivates me to keep learning. 

Meet Tim

Consultant | Design & Web Development

After receiving my degree in Graphic Design over 10 years ago I immediately started up my own design business.

As I slowly built up a clientele, it allowed me to continue in helping strategically grow brands worldwide. Providing universal appeal to help businesses take the next step.

Web design & branding has been a longtime passion so I’m always looking for opportunities to further my knowledge and experience. As I look to the future I am constantly envisioning new ways to help both small and large businesses with their design needs to ensure long-term and beneficial partnerships.