“Challenge accepted.” – Us in 2012.

This is how the Brieffin story begins.

Once upon a time, industrial companies didn’t do social media.

And that’s where we came in. And disrupted everything.

Using fundamental marketing principles, we started by defining the who, the what, the where, and the how of our industrial clients. We were designing their social media campaigns and tapping into their stories to create a compelling, engaging narrative.

And little by little, we started to watch our efforts pay off. At first, our clients had only a few followers on Facebook. (Yeah, some of those were us.) But we soon found out something a bit unexpected: everyone had underestimated how interesting and educational industrial companies could be in the social space.

A few years later, we’d become more than just an in-house social media experiment for one industrial brand. Brieffin had transformed into a consulting agency, offering integration of online branding services and strategy design. We started taking on more clients, honing our craft as social media specialists for industrial brands. Exploring new roads. Letting our clients’ ideas inspire us to do more.

So we keep. Doing. More.

Not only have we expanded our clients’ social reach across a wide variety of platforms, but we’ve continued pushing ourselves. Our limitless curiosity has kept us on the path to greater creativity and knowledge. These days, we also offer one-on-one coaching services as well as professional resume consulting and design.

But don’t think that we’re going to stop there.

We firmly believe there’s no such thing as learning too much. The technological world we live in is changing every day, and we’ve committed ourselves to the challenge of evolving along with it. For our clients and for ourselves. Innovating. Creating. Connecting. Engaging.

Happily ever after.