Let us tell you a little story about how it all started.

Only four years ago www.brieffin.com was an available domain. It's amazing how a 5-minute process, after too many days of brainstorming, has changed our lives. Once and again.

We've been mapping out our business path in this social media world since 2015, like any other new-born agency or emerging startup, and always ready to try and test something new every day.

After, weeks, months, years and what seems like a lifetime of experiences, the most important lesson that we’ve learned so far is that no matter how big a dream may seem, the only way to see it come true is if we start working on it.

We've been in the social networking world since 2012, but only until three years ago we challenged ourselves into launching our crazy Brieffin project, and since then we've kept daring ourselves into exploring new roads, feeling guided and inspired by the ideas of our clients.

Our back-to-school attitude, a knack for investigation and research, and limitless curiosity, is what keeps us on our path to greater creativity and knowledge. There's no such thing as "learning too much". We never stop learning.

What we enjoy most about our job? Creating. Connecting. Committing. Engaging with our clients and their projects and watch them come to live. Happily ever after. And about the challenges? Technological advances move very fast to catch up sometimes, but here we are: all set and ready to race a marathon every single day!

Don't you just love that beautiful teal cup of coffee? Always finding inspiration in great photographers such as Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash.