Behind the Scenes of a Marketing Agency: The B2B Marketing Manager

To be effective, a marketing manager needs to understand the customers' challenges in their industry and the solutions available to overcome those challenges.

“Good things come to those who wait. Greater things come to those who get off and do anything to make it happen.”

– Unknown

Marketing agencies rely on several key roles to make entire projects possible. If any of those aren’t filled by suitable professionals, the business will struggle to gain traction and grow.

One of those roles is the marketing manager.

The marketing manager is essentially the first step in the agency’s process. Let’s look at precisely what a marketing manager is, what they do, and how they impact an agency’s performance.

What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager is the first point of contact in a marketing agency. Along with other team members, focuses on serving clients, but the marketing manager also devotes him/herself to ensuring company growth and helping the agency run smoothly.

They work closely with the project manager and clients and are essentially where the company’s business model begins.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

A marketing agency’s entire purpose is to push other companies into the limelight, but what about the agency itself? How does it get into the spotlight in the first place?

Well, that’s the marketing manager’s job. A marketing manager promotes the agency’s services to businesses. This directly builds the agency’s client list, ensures the team’s work keeps coming in and encourages company growth.

Key Skills and Traits of a Marketing Manager

To be effective, a marketing manager needs to understand the customers’ challenges in their industry and the solutions available to overcome those challenges.

Most importantly, a marketing manager must be able to communicate the value of implementing solutions for their target market.

Here are the various skills and traits they MUST exhibit:

Strict Professionalism:

This role is in direct contact with B2B leads, and it’s up to the marketing manager to make a positive first impression for the agency, not only at a professional level but also empathically.

B2B Marketing Skills:

While some marketers can convince a father that a new fishing rod will bring a sense of relaxation to his life, can those same people approach the CEO of a multi-million-dollar business and convince them they need the agency’s services?

This is a high niche form of marketing, and it deals with appealing to the pain points of companies, not everyday consumers.

A Deep Understanding of the Agency:

Once the marketing manager gets a lead’s attention, they need to be able to walk prospects through the agency’s service offering. As the company’s leading representative, they need to understand exactly how the agency functions and relay that to the client to instill confidence in the service.

Agencies Depend on the Marketing Manager

A marketing manager still does a lot of collaborative work, and they can even directly handle clients’ marketing needs but they also make sure that the rest of the team has projects to work on too. They know how to lead and they know how to delegate.

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