Behind the Scenes of a Marketing Agency: The Copywriter

Without a passionate copywriter, agencies don't stand a chance.

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Marketing agencies leverage various marketing strategies to push their clients to the top of their respective markets, and one position is right in the middle of all of those tactics: The copywriter.

Without a copywriter, the majority of a marketing agency’s project tasks wouldn’t be possible, and if the wrong copywriter tackles those tasks, projects won’t return the results clients want.

This is one of the four key roles in any marketing agency. Let’s look at what exactly a copywriter is, what they do, and how it impacts the agency as a whole.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a professional writer specializing in text-based content. For a marketing agency, they must have a firm grasp of the concepts behind effective marketing content and the writing techniques used to push conversions and meet a wide variety of project goals.

Copywriters tend to work closely with project managers and designers to ensure the finished content comes together effectively, and they’re imperative to the thought leadership aspect of the agency.

What do Copywriters do?

As one-half of the creative part of the team, the copywriter focuses on generating the content necessary to facilitate a project’s goals.

As we said earlier, marketing agencies use a number of marketing strategies to push their clients’ companies, and a copywriter is involved in nearly every one of them.

Copywriters do the following tasks while incorporating concepts such as SEO, psychological triggers, CTAs (Call-To-Action), and more.


Email campaigns are part of nearly every marketing project. The copywriter is in charge of ensuring that the emails are engaging, conversion-pushing, and likely to be opened in the first place.

Blog Articles:

Some projects require blog articles to be written and posted on a client’s site or on a distribution site to generate leads and establish authority. The copywriter is in charge of creating this content and implementing marketing tools such as SEO, backlinks, and more to promote project goals.

Video Scripts: 

In the modern marketing world, video ads and materials are essential. However, companies don’t just hire actors and tell them to say whatever they want. A copywriter carefully crafts a script that matches the advertisement’s tone, engages the audience, and meets project goals.


Beyond the big three we mentioned, there are various other text-based marketing tools every agency needs. This includes text snippets on advertisements, outreach templates, and more. If it’s written and coming out of a marketing agency, the copywriter has a part in it.

The Copywriter has a Part in Nearly Every Piece of Content

Marketing agencies need content to drive their clients’ services and products. Without that content, they don’t serve a purpose.

The copywriter is not alone in the content creation process. Still, they handle a large portion of the company’s business processes from a creative standpoint, and it’s up to them to create content that resonates with a company’s target audience.

This requires an exceptional level of flexibility, a deep understanding of the art of writing, and a willingness to continuously learn new things.

Without a passionate copywriter, agencies don’t stand a chance.

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