Behind the Scenes of a Marketing Agency: The Designer

The designer is a crucial creative staff member who takes the efforts of the other team members and presents them in the most effective light.

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.

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The marketing world has hit the digital age. That means visual presentation across various mediums is key to creating marketing content that engages audiences and pushes the agency’s clients to the forefront of their respective markets.

For that, there’s only one role that can make it happen effectively: The Designer.

The designer is instrumental in the modern marketing world, and any agency must have a flexible, highly-talented designer on staff to ensure they’re meeting their goals.

Let’s look at why.

What is a designer?

As the copywriter, a designer is a creative member of the marketing team, but they focus on a different form of creativity.

Where the copywriter focuses on generating the content, the designer focuses on how that content is presented.

As you can probably tell, the designer works very closely with the copywriter and the project manager to ensure the final product looks as eye-catching as possible.

What does the designer do?

The designer focuses on the presentation of content across several mediums. This is important because the way content is presented is just as important as what it contains. The audience will often ignore content that isn’t immediately eye-catching, making an agency’s efforts null and void.

Here are the various things a designer does for their team.

Optimizing Mobile Presentation:

The modern marketing world requires a mobile-first approach. Practically every demographic a marketing agency can target uses smartphones and tablets, and content needs to be custom-tailored to look good on those devices. Their small screens make this problematic, but a designer has tricks up their sleeves to maximize their content’s visibility and produce effective results regardless.

Desktop Optimization:

With many focusing their content on mobile devices, traditional browsers on larger laptops and desktop monitors are often forgotten. However, this still makes up a sizeable amount of any audience, and it’s the designer’s job to ensure content is optimized to look fantastic and remain in view of audience members using such devices.

Print Presentation:

Unlike electronic screens, print mediums have limited space for their content. Marketing agencies often have to share that confined space with other content, significantly reducing how much information the agency can squeeze into an ad and remain effective.

The designer takes this into account and designs a layout that fits the size of the printed material and allows space without sacrificing visibility and effectiveness.

Designers Make Ad Materials Work

A copywriter can create compelling content all day and night. A project manager can optimize the roadmap to ensure content is getting out on time. The marketing manager can bring in steady steam on new clients. However, none of that matters if the content isn’t presented in a way that makes the audience stop and take notice.

The designer is a crucial creative staff member who takes the efforts of the other team members and presents them in the most effective light. Content wouldn’t resonate with audiences without them, and you’d get lacklustre results overall.

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