Behind the Scenes of a Marketing Agency: The Project Manager

Every company needs strong leadership to keep projects running smoothly and on schedule.

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Every company has several key roles that need to have only the most qualified professionals filling them. In a marketing agency, there are four of those. One of which is the project manager, a role that brings everyone together and guides various marketing projects.

Your agency isn’t getting very far if your project manager isn’t a strong leader with a distinct skill set.

Here are the various things a project manager does and why they’re such an essential part of the team.

What is a Project Manager?

Every company needs strong leadership to keep projects running smoothly and on schedule. Of course, the non-leadership roles are just as important, but without the expert guidance of a good leader, they can’t collaborate effectively while focusing on their own unique strengths and skills.

The project manager is a leading figure at a marketing agency.

What does a Project Manager do?

As the name suggests, a project manager manages the various projects and the agency’s team members. They identify project goals, relay those to individual members, communicate between the creative roles to ensure they’re creating content that can come together effectively when it’s time to use it. They work closely with the marketing manager to ensure project goals are being met and understand what types of projects will be coming through the funnel. They handle the more business-oriented tasks such as managing project budgets, plotting project roadmaps, and other necessary functions for the agency.

In terms of their role in the team, you can divide their purpose into two categories.

Intra-Staff Communication:

A copywriter can’t constantly stop generating content to speak to the designer about how they plan to lay that content out.

Neither of the creative members can stay on top of their workload and adapt to increasing demand without knowing what clients are coming in, the types of projects they can expect to take on, and whether or not they’re meeting the client’s project goals.

The project manager works as a central hub for all other teammates to turn to. They can facilitate this communication even when it’s inefficient for individual staff members to do it directly with each other.

Leadership and Guidance:

The project manager’s most important task is their responsibility to provide leadership. Communication and handling background tasks are important, but the project manager also needs to have the skills to assess staff performance, take feedback, provide input on performance and suggest adjustments to guide the team towards success.

This keeps the team moving ahead steadily, creating the highest quality results for the client.

Project Managers are the Backbone of any Project

Project managers take on a lot of responsibility, and they essentially drive each project. They handle budgeting, team communication, guiding team members, and being a solid leader for everyone to turn to.

This is crucial because without a dedicated project manager prioritizing the team’s wellbeing and making the right decisions, every project would struggle, even with the best creative talent and marketing managers.

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