Career advice in the midst of a pandemic

It's difficult to find anyone whose job the pandemic hasn't impacted in one way or another. As the fallout of Covid playings out in labor markets and workplaces worldwide, many professionals are re-evaluating their job prospects and goals.

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

– Stephen Covey

It’s difficult to find anyone whose job the pandemic hasn’t impacted in one way or another. As the fallout of Covid plays out in labor markets and workplaces worldwide, many professionals are re-evaluating their job prospects and goals.

Whether you are looking to break into a new industry, put your career on a new trajectory, or simply looking to find a job with a better fit.

Here are a few pieces of advice and some considerations that could make your career transition quicker and easier.

Before beginning your job search, you should evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses, where your passion lies, and what values are important to you. Take time to review your experience and identify what skills could be transferred to a new job in a similar or different industry.

Understanding each of these points will make changing career paths less daunting and easier to research. In some cases, you may find you require additional experience or educational courses to make the switch to a new job or break into a new industry. This shouldn’t be something that deters you but instead motivates you to grow.

Before dusting off your resume and sending it out to job vacancies and recruiters, it’s worth taking a step back and spending some time reviewing, updating, and improving your resume to match your new opportunities.

Amending your resume to showcase the right skillsets relevant to the industry or position you are applying for will improve your chances of being considered the right candidate for the job.

“Rebranding” yourself doesn’t end with amending your resume but how you present yourself and your personal brand online. Crafting a personal brand can enhance your reputation and establish your credibility and trustworthiness.

Aligning your personal brand with your goals will make it easier to market yourself and grow your professional network. Using social media to connect and interact with the right people in your chosen industry will help unlock new doors and accelerate change.

Just remember that an essential factor in branding yourself for a career change is to showcase yourself as someone whose already operating in the industry you wish to enter.

LinkedIn and other social media platforms are a great way to see how a new industry may differ from what you’re used to. Follow influential figures and leaders to get an idea of where a new industry may be heading, what changes could happen in the future, and where obstacles may lie. You never know what you might get asked in an interview.

One of the biggest obstacles for most professionals when it comes to changing careers is a shift in mindset. Acknowledging that there will be challenges and setbacks as you look for success should be expected. It’s how you respond to those setbacks that will determine how ‘lucky’ you are.

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