Charming Our Brand Into Likes

Charming Our Brand Into Likes

Charm them with your presence as soon as they look at you.

– Anna Held

Social media brings an amazing opportunity to connect with our audience, making our connections better, sending messages widely…  and wisely.

It’s OK if the intention is to sell products, grow subscribers, entertain followers or sway both hearts and minds of readers to a cause, our ability to encourage any of these actions comes from the effort and level of intentness that we put into our daily, or weekly, content design.

One of the challenges with social media can be how to attract your audience. Make those first connections, keep them interested and entertained. Exhausting.  But as time flies by, we will discover that the key to moving forward is keeping a steady level of quality, constancy, commitment and, well yes, charisma!

So how do we bring about the results we desire? Every brand is a small world, and their products, services, visions and stories differ from one to the other.

Bring that charm into the content!

One thing to keep in mind is that it should always be 100% unique to your brand, aligned with the values, ideas, the products and services.

But before audiences start to feel bored, or over informed, storytelling your way into their hearts can be the sweepstake! It changes the conventional into a whole new experience.

Stories are always more fun, don’t you think?

Here’s an idea: make an intention to rely on gentle planning, to reach that path. if it doesn’t work the first time, just try again. No one expects us to be perfect or hit the jackpot every time. The care, time and effort that we put in genuinely created content, is what will count in the end.

Our Moment of Bliss 

“Keep exploring, seek and find. You know you might surprise yourself”. Jack Garratt (Surprise Yourself from the album Phase)

Join our playlist on Spotify and unleash your creativity! Namaste.






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