Does Social Media Make Sense for B2B Companies

Does Social Media Make Sense for B2B Companies?

When your customers are other businesses, it's crucial that you invite your audience to join the conversation

In the world of B2B, your professional network is everything. Because your business is about business, the potential of who you know and who they know is where powerful connections happen.

Amber Naslund

More and more B2B companies are using social media to reach their target audiences, and there are good reasons for this trend.

An effective B2B social media marketing strategy can help build online relationships. Building a social presence can benefit both short-term gains and long-term growth with more discussions and business decisions happening online today.

According to LinkedIn 4, out of 5 LinkedIn members, drive business decisions. While the Gartner Group predicts that by 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions will take place on digital channels.

There are many reasons why social media makes sense for B2B companies. Here are four of the most compelling reasons for B2B companies to get social.

Four reasons social media makes sense for B2B companies:

Build relationships at the click of a button

Social media has the potential to build trust, provide support, showcase expertise and clear up misunderstandings. This all supports your business in building trust and credibility, which is essential in supporting your sales team.

Ultimately, being social on social media is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

New leads on tap

An effective social media content strategy that’s developed to appeal to your target audience will not only aid you in inviting prospects to identify themselves by following and engaging with your content. But you’ll be positioned as an approachable thought-leader that demonstrates their expertise.

By providing value-packed, educational and engaging content – you’ll be one step closer to leveraging social media to cultivate quality leads. 

Ignite lasting connections

If there’s one thing every B2B business must remember, it’s this: It’s not companies that customers buy from; it’s people.

In 2022, customers crave a personal approach to sales and marketing. They want to know who’s behind your business’s logo and product offering.

Social media platforms make it incredibly straightforward to bring elements of “realness” into the business-to-business world and help strengthen that connection with your leads.

Building longevity with your audience

When your customers are other businesses, it’s crucial that you invite your audience to join the conversation. By using the tools available on each platform to conduct research, you’ll remain one step ahead. Seeking feedback, conducting surveys, running polls, and inviting your audience to join the conversation is a compelling way to position yourself as a social media listener while supporting existing customers.

At Brieffin, we help B2B and industrial brands thrive on social media by building an effective social media presence to attract leads and create online communities of brand advocates.

Want to see our work? Click here to see some of the brands we have helped create a social presence for by humanizing their brand and providing value-filled, informative, and engaging social media content

Is your business using social media’s full potential?

At Brieffin, we use our expertise to unlock everything social media offers your business or personal brand. We use our experience in content creation, strategy and planning, and social media management to help build consistency and deliver marketing success. Let’s talk.

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