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Embracing the Industrial Branding Concept

Co-written by Adriana Espinosa   Many industrial companies don’t recognize how the Industrial Branding concept relates to them. This concept is sometimes ignored or the benefits of branding are underplayed because the popular thought is that branding is meant for consumer products. We have been asked time and time again how branding can work for […]

Must Try Tools for Mastering Twitter

As Social Media Managers, one of the social platforms that we find most amusing is Twitter, thanks to the possibilities of quick engagement, relationship building, influence marketing, information  and lots of fun that it provides.  The accelerated nature of Twitter makes it quite addictive and the amount of information that you can unearth here is invaluable. […]

The Daily Hats of the Social Media Manager

It’s not about how many hats you wear but how you wear them. As Social Media Managers, we’re constantly reading a variety of social media articles in search of inspiration, enlightenment and new experiences. We always find something useful to apply to the campaigns that we manage: a tip, a tool, a secret… But social […]

4 Tools to Boost Your Curation Skills

The world is now filled with writers and bloggers – the new publishers – who share their own personal opinions and experiences about specific topics to engage directly with an audience. Either for personal or commercial purposes. Sharing quality content has become a decisive marketing practice for this fast-paced social networking world. Sharing fresh content […]

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