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Cair Lerion Blog #10: An Interview with Virginia Zuloaga

“Nobody in the social media world can move as fast in terms of content creation as an around-the-clock news broadcaster, a personal brand or a celebrity. It is why I always recommend working on a content strategy beforehand that will bring a level of consistency at its own pace and according to the amount of content that is available”.

2020 Social Media Marketing Tips From 20+ Marketing Experts

“Things that were working until now might stop working overnight and we need to be ready to adopt a quick strategy shift mindset when called for, keeping our minds open and finding creative ways to turn challenges into opportunities. Because the “new ways” will keep coming: social networks’ updates, new policies, new algorithms, automation, augmented advertising, analytics intelligence, multi-cloud environments, AI, AR, and more”.

2020 Digital Marketing Trends From 22 Marketing Experts

“Content now demands thoughtfulness within each brand’s message. Clear,
transparent, positively intentional, no-hidden-agenda, information. In visual and in writing.

In order to regain all that, strategies should be refocused to work under these same values rather than putting all the energy in following the next fleeting “must be in” trend”.

2019 Social Media Marketing Tips From 16 Marketing Experts

“Every brand needs to be social online. Social media tools and rules keep changing, so, when you decide to get in, you need to be all in. Assign the resources and the commitment that creating, and delivering relevant content requires”. (Video Answers)

2019 Digital Marketing Trends From 18 Marketing Experts

“There’s an invaluable exchange of online information and data between consumers and brands, and we must take this opportunity to evolve and improve towards consumer’s demands with strategy, consistency, and commitment in our brand’s online communication”. (Video Answers)

World Cement Interview: LOESCHE - Part II

“Social media wants, likes and needs have changed and evolved in the last years, which makes keeping up with the kind of content and formats that the audiences are looking for a priority in our content development and social media management strategies. As a result, creating a solid image on social networking platforms has been a reality over the years made possible through the constancy and dedication that we keep putting in every piece of content shared each and every day”.

World Cement Interview: LOESCHE - Part I

“Leading an online branding project for a traditional engineering firm has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my career. I have to thank the Corporate Marketing team at Loesche GmbH for their invaluable support and their complete devotion to making this project a reality, and the Management of Loesche GmbH for trusting us completely to represent and promote the Loesche brand worldwide on social channels”.

World Cement Trendsetting: Interview with Virginia Zuloaga

“We believe every brand finds its own voice on social media. We are aware that there are great examples to follow out there and, in our case, in the cement industry. However, we are also conscious that although we have similar interests, we also have different ideas and experiences to share”.

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