Moving With the Flow of Global Digital Communication

Moving With the Flow of Global Digital Communication

Few things seem to evolve at the same rate as digital marketing and communication strategies, and there is no doubt we’ll see some big changes in how brands communicate in 2020.

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Few things seem to evolve at the same rate as digital marketing and communication strategies, and there is no doubt we’ll see some big changes in how brands communicate in 2020.

And while there are no shortages of topics to discuss, below are a few trends we all need to take note of if we wish to keep our communication strategies effective and up to date.

Search Engine Optimization

With search engines constantly tweaking their algorithms in an effort to bring the best and most valuable content to the top of an ever-increasing pile, it’s our job as marketers to be responsive to these changes. One trend we’ll see in 2020 is content creators sharing longer and more valuable, keyword packed, content in an effort to drive SEO and capture leads. Users value informative and free content and search engines know this. Creating high-quality content not only leads to more shares and saves but also better rankings overall.

Brand Involvement

This year, we’ll see brands draw attention and hone in on important social topics and matters that impact their audience. The growing trend of brands involving themselves in important issues is one way for them to align themselves with what their customers stand for and to stay culturally relevant.  Showing people that there is action behind their ‘marketing’ voice.

Influencer Marketing

The continued rise and importance of influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Consumers have wised up to influencers prompting just any products and services and prefer to see genuine relationships between influencers and brands. We can also expect to see another big jump in the number of videos influencers share, as one of the main strategies to communicate with their followers and create longer lasting impressions.

Getting Personal

To cut through the noise across digital channels, brands are employing strategies and using software to help them build more complete profiles of their audience, not only as a whole but on a more niche level, microtargeting different groups inside their greater customer base. The better they understand the different wants, needs, and preferences of these sub groups, the easier it is to craft tailored messages and campaigns that appeal directly to them, ultimately leading to a better return on marketing investments.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

One trend and industry moving faster than almost any other is the continued rise of artificial intelligence, if you’re picturing the Terminator it’s not quite that kind of artificial intelligence but more a variety of smart tools and software that allow you to analyze and sort data in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Ultimately allowing you to understand, respond, create and share information with an audience quicker and with less effort than ever before.

Interactive communication

Lastly, we can expect to see a rise in the amount of interactive content being produced and shared, all in the name of keeping customers engaged. What exactly is interactive content you ask? This could be anything from virtual (augmented) reality, dynamic audio products like some podcasts and eBooks, posts which you can ‘shop in’, fun polls and quizzes and a lot of interactive storytelling. Getting your audience to be responsive by keeping them entertained is a trend we’ll see a lot of this year.

In an attempt to stay ahead, adopting and implementing some of these trends will not only help you raise more brand awareness, drive leads and form loyal relationships with consumers but it will help you communicate and share your story, message or expertise in a thriving digital age.

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