The Importance of Following Up On Your Social Media Strategies

Like anything in business all the effort put into these steps, amounts to nothing if we don't monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach and how to react to it.

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Up until now (if you’ve been following our latest articles on social media and digital marketing) we’ve covered various topics that help entrepreneurs and brands shape their digital presence through defining their strategies and audience, work on their content creation and communication, all while being thoughtful about how the style and design of their content impact their social image and voice.

Like anything in business all the effort put into these steps, amounts to nothing if we don’t monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach and how to react to it.

Social Monitoring

Social monitoring and social listening are ways for brands to monitor, listen in and analyze the conversations happening around their name, products, services or industry in general.

By monitoring what customers are saying directly on your social media channels and responding to reviews, questions or complaints your brand is actively engaging in a reactive social media monitoring strategy.

The importance of having a good social media monitoring strategy cannot be overlooked. Responding to customers quickly can help increase brand loyalty while effectively managing potential PR crises or other issues that may have gone viral without your knowledge. There are many tools to help streamline your monitoring process, assisting you to respond to not just the @ mentions you receive directly but all the mentions your brand receives without being tagged.

Social listening, on the other hand, differs from monitoring in that, social listening has a wider view and monitors not only your brand’s mentions but that of your competitors, industry and related business keywords. Social listening helps you build insights that may be beneficial to future business decisions by understanding how people feel about your brand.

Brand Reputation

Listening in on the conversations around how people perceive your brand and being able to quickly and easily collect and analyze that data, gives you the upper hand when managing your reputation online.

Being able to make proactive decisions on how to handle negative comments about your products, services or company allows you to turn a negative into a positive outcome, or take the conversation offline and out of the public eye.


As a brand, it is helpful to think of social analytics as a map that could help guide you to a treasure chest full of customer insights. By dissecting these insights, you can uncover more information about your customers’ behaviors and lifestyles leading to better engagement and more informed business decisions.

Effectively using analytics tools can help you understand more than just your audience, but also which social networks your brand performs best on, what types of content you should create and what your competitors are doing.

Having a sound strategy when it comes to monitoring and tracking what is being said about your brand online is no longer an option but vital if you wish to stay ahead of the pack and create a favorable image in the minds of your target audience.

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