Understanding Social Media’s role in The B2B buying journey

B2B buying decisions are often complex and involve several different team members. It is through their connected experience that social media plays its role in the buying journey.

Social Media is about the people, not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.

– Matt Goulart

The buying behaviour of most B2B organizations has undergone a rapid evolution over the last few years. These shifting buying dynamics have altered the buyer’s journey and how decisions are made.

While it’s difficult for some marketers to believe that decision-makers use social media to influence their buying decisions, more evidence is pointing out that they do. They just use it differently.

B2B buying decisions are often complex and involve several different team members. It is through their connected experience that social media plays its role in the buying journey.

Buying groups are made up of people of different ages, personalities, and roles, each influencing how they gather information and interact with external sellers.  

These days sellers have far less opportunity to meet with buyers and influence their decisions in person. Digital channels such as social media have made the availability of high-quality information quicker and easier to gather and compare.

Giving buying groups more options for new technologies, products, and suppliers. While this sounds great, it often raises more questions. As the number of choices goes up, so does the decision-makers’ accountability to select the right supplier.

Being involved in industry-specific communities and professional networks online is critical to building trust and developing genuine relationships. Social media allows buyers and sellers to interact and create new relationships. Which plays an essential role in supporting buyers as they digest and compare information.

Content marketing on social media is a way to helping buyers find the correct information at the right time.

While the B2B buying journey is a rational one, it’s still made up of people influenced by the power of branding and emotions.

As Walter Landor once said; “Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind”.

It’s no secret that the buying journey for any B2B organization is not a simple development from one stage to the next. Buyers often loop back and revisit important steps in their process, such as exploring solutions and understanding requirements needed to make a successful purchase.

It’s therefore vital for suppliers to make it easier for buyers to find the information they are looking for. Offering them valuable information that drives purchase ease and assists them in navigating the purchasing process as they go back to specific steps in their process.

Product performance, durability, product capacity, pricing, lead times, and after-sales service are all considerations that influence B2B purchase decisions which social media could provide answers for in a human way. Helping buyers understand and connect with your organization.

Utilizing social media in this way can help your organization build relationships with clients, increase brand image and awareness, and improve client acquisition.  

Is your business using social media’s full potential?

At Brieffin, we use our expertise to unlock everything social media offers your business or personal brand. We use our experience in content creation, strategy and planning, and social media management to help build consistency and deliver marketing success. Let’s talk.

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